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2018-03-28 14:42  

Prof. Huayin Sun
Yangtze Normal University, China

Research Area: Geotechnical engineering、Building material

Research Experience:
Sun Huayin, master, College of civil engineering, associate professor and vice president. Mainly engaged in construction materials, structural engineering, engineering disaster prevention and disaster reduction research. Presided over the Municipal Commission of science and technology project "Research on comprehensive application of waste concrete service engineering" (KJ15012011), the technology research and development and comprehensive application of waste concrete in Fuling District Science and technology project "(FLKJ, 2015ABA1043), Association for science and technology project" to serve the local construction industry enterprise to build the experimental platform construction technology ", Yangtze Normal University research and innovation platform" engineering disaster monitoring and Prevention Research Center "(2016XJPT02), municipal research platform" health monitoring and disaster prevention and control the life cycle of buildings in Chongqing City Engineering Research Center "(Chongqing made technology No. [2017]1007) a number of longitudinal projects; as the project leader to complete the Sichuan river water diversion project. The dam safety appraisal; river dam safety slobber identification; Jian Jia Wan hydropower station completed the safety appraisal of more than 20 published project; There are more than 10 academic papers, 3 articles included in EI, 1 books of publishing monographs, and more than 20 research reports.