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2018-04-19 13:53  

Dr. De Chen
Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Research Area: subgrade engineering of railway and road, Sponge City

Research Experience:
De Chen (1989.01-), Ph. D., assistant professor of Southwest Jiaotong University. Degree: B.S. in Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering, Chang’an University, 2010; M.S. in Highway & Railway Engineering, Chang’an University, 2013; Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Chang’an University, 2015; Cooperation researcher in University of Wisconsin Madison, 2014. He is a reviewer of Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Construction and Building Materials,International Journal of Pavement Engineering, Road Materials and Pavement Design,ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, China Journal of Highway and Transport, and et al.
His interest research areas are subgrade engineering of railway and road (i.e. new materials and structures of subgrade, subgrade settlement monitoring, and repair of subgrade), pavement engineering (pavement materials, urban greenway, color permeable asphalt mixture and cement concrete, and color permeable polyurethane mixture), Sponge City, application of image analysis techniques on engineering, BIM, and economic and project management.