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About Xiamen

Xiamen is a charming sea garden.  The city at sea, the sea in the city, constitute the overall style of Xiamen.  Island, reef, rock, temple, flower, wood gods show each other, overseas Chinese customs, Fujian and Taiwan customs, coastal food, exotic architecture, the four seasons such as spring climate is the charm of the sea icing on the cake.  The regional advantages of Taiwan and southeast Asia, the three-dimensional complementary transportation facilities of sea, land and air, also inject vitality for the sustained and rapid development of Xiamen tourism.
After the reform and opening up, Xiamen's tourism industry is developing vigorously.  From 1991 to 1998, Xiamen city, the number of inbound tourists, number of days and ( foreign exchange ) income three indicators for eight consecutive years ranked among the top 10 tourist cities in the country, domestic tourism has also made great progress.  Xiamen has entered the ranks of the main tourist cities in China with vigorous attitude. tourism has grown into a key industry and a new economic growth point in Xiamen.

Around the construction of the overall tourism image of the marine garden, Xiamen tourism industry has significantly improved the quality, and the domestic and foreign tourism market has been expanded.  In terms of tourism legislation, Xiamen has promulgated the " Xiamen city tourism management regulations", " Xiamen city tourism resources protection and development management interim provisions", " Xiamen city tourism designated units management approach", " Xiamen city one-day tour management interim provisions" and other laws, regulations and normative documents, initially constitute the Xiamen local tourism rule of law system, to create good conditions for the implementation of the rule of law tourism policy.  In terms of tourism resources development, the city has formed Gulangyu, Wanshi Mountain, namputuo, Jimei and other more than a dozen tourist attractions ( points ), Gulangyu - Wanshi Mountain by the state Council as a national key scenic spots.  Especially since 1995, Xiamen has stepped up its investment promotion and capital introduction efforts, and has successively built new tourism projects such as Xiamen film and television entertainment city, Xiamen Taiwan folk village ( Jingzhou paradise ), Gulangyu submarine world, houlishan fort glory treasure museum, Jimei space science and technology city, east and kaige two high-standard golf international country clubs, and has been opened to the outside world.  In terms of tourist hotels and travel agencies, Xiamen has 79 foreign-related tourist hotels, including 45 star-rated hotels, rooms about 10,200;  There are about 340 small and medium-sized social hotels with about 22,000 beds;  International travel agencies, domestic travel agencies 48, including 12 international travel agencies;  All kinds of entertainment business units more than 200.  In 1998, the city received 433,500 overseas visitors, earning 239 million us dollars in foreign exchange.  Received 5.585 million domestic tourists, income 5.576 billion yuan;  The added value of tourism accounts for 6 % of the city's GDP.

In order to meet the new challenges at the turn of the century and with a more vigorous attitude, Xiamen has set a trans-century development target for tourism - by 2010, Xiamen will be built into an important tourist port along the southeast coast of China and an international coastal tourist city with developed sightseeing and vacation.