2023 7th International Conference on Civil Architecture and Structural Engineering (ICCASE 2023)


The 2023 7th International Conference onCivil Architecture and Structural Engineering (ICCASE 2023) will bring together leading researchers, engineers, and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. 

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. 工程结构/Engineering Structure

工程先进技术/ Advanced Engineering Technology

工程结构与抗震/Engineering Structure and Seismic Resistance

高层建筑和大跨度结构/High-rise Building and Large-span Structure

桥梁工程/Bridge Engineering

特殊结构/Special Structure

建筑技术/Construction Technology

结构的监视与控制/Monitoring and Control of Structure

混凝土结构/Concrete Structure

钢结构/Steel Structure

框架结构/Frame Structure

结构疲劳/Structural Fatigue

施工与控制/Construction and Control

结构力学分析/Structural Mechanics Analysis

结构与材料力学/Structure and Material Mechanics

隧道及地下结构/Tunnels and Underground Structure

结构修复改造和加固/Structural Rehabilitation, Renovation and Reinforcement

构件与材料/Components and Materials

市政工程与结构/Municipal Engineering and Structure

材料质量与控制/Material Quality and Control

金属结构/Metal Structure

操作与维护/Operation and Maintenance

防灾减灾/Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

排水工程/Drainage Engineering

建筑材料/Architecture and Building Materials

2. 结构抗震/ Seismic Resistance of Structure

结构抗震设计/ Seismic Design of Structure

地震与地震动/Earthquakes and Ground Motions

建筑场地、地基与基础/Building Site, Foundation and Base

结构抗震设计计算原理/ Calculation Principles of Seismic Design of Structure

混凝土结构抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure

砌体结构抗震设计/Seismic Design of Masonry Structure

钢结构抗震设计/Seismic Design of Steel Structure

梁式桥抗震设计/Seismic Design of Beam Bridge

结构减隔震技术/Seismic Isolation Technology of Structure

结构抗震加固/ Seismic Reinforcement of Structure

结构动力分析/Dynamic Analysis of Structure

结构选型与结构布置/Structure Selection and Layout

地震作用计算/Earthquake Calculation

墙体承载力验算/Wall Bearing Capacity Check

重大工程事故分析与防范/Analysis and Prevention of Major Engineering Accidents

公路、桥梁、隧道抗震加固及改造/ Seismic Reinforcement and Reconstruction of Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

结构修复、改造及加固/Structural Repair, Transformation and Reinforcement